Traqueur is a simple things detector based IoT (Internet of Things) with their sound from the buzzer, with a simple tap on your smartphone you can find an item that is very important to you.


1 Pc Uno board R3 MEGA328P type SMD.

1 Pc Breadboard and 1 Pc Buzzer Speaker 3v.

6 Pc Jumper Cable Male to male.

1 Pc Bluetooth HC-05 module.

1 Pc 9V Battery Connector and 1 Pc 9v Battery.

Download the Apk For Android

Download apk here.

Download the Project

1. Download Arduino software here.

2. Copy this code here.


Follow this picture to connected the jumper cable on the UNO board.

1. Set orange cable to left power GND.

2. Set white cable to right power GND.

3. Set black cable to VIN.

4. Set purple cable to TXD.

5. Set silver cable to RXD.

6. Set blue cable to digital power ch11.

And finalize the jumper cable to breadboard side.

1. Set red cable of buzzer to port J14.

2. Set black cable of buzzer to port J16.

3. Set bluetooth module to J4 until J9.

4. Set purple cable to port G5.

5. Set silver cable to port G6.

6. Set white cable to port G7.

7. Set black cable to port G8.

8. Set blue cable to port G14.

9. Set orange cable to port G16.

10. Put power connector to power port.